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NARS Orgasm Blush DUPES!!

Greetings from Wonderland!

My last dupe post got really great feedback, so I decided to treat you all to another dupe today! Except this time it isn't just one alternative to a popular product, I have a ton of products that will help you get the same look as the popular NARS blush---Orgasm! I owe a huge thank you to Sarah of Beauty Vigilante, since she sent me quite a few of these blushes, when she decided to fully veganize her makeup collection!

NARS Orgasm is one of the worlds best selling blushes, due to it's light pink color & beautiful golden shimmer. I absolutely love this blush, & I have to wonder why I didn't just get it sooner. I have this beautiful shade in my NARS Danmari palette, which was limited edition last Winter. Orgasm is a beautiful shade & very popular, the problem is the fact that it's around $30---& not everyone wants to spend that. So, I've compiled  a list of dupes that will give you a similar look for much less money.

Isn't it beautiful???!!

So, the first dupe is  a very inexpensive product, actually the cheapest of the dupes I have to show you! It's the Wet n Wild Color Icon blusher in Pearlesant Pink! This retails for just $2.99 at pretty much any drugstore, & it's a great dupe for Orgasm! I've used this blush a ton, & I can honestly say that I looove it! It is so cheap, but such great quality. {Like pretty much all Wet n Wild products} I highly recommend trying this one! It is a tiny bit darker than Orgasm, but applied to the cheeks---the effects are very similar.

The next dupe is probably the most famous, Nyx Pinched. This blush retails for around $5, which isn't quite as inexpensive as the Wet n Wild one, but is still super cheap. This blush is nearly the exact same color as Orgasm, & the shimmer is very similar, too. I think this is  a little closer of a match to Orgasm than the Wet n Wild one is, because it's almost the exact same shade, where Pearlesant Pink is a little darker. You get pretty much product for your money, & I've used this blush a ton & am no where near hitting pan on it.

The next dupe is Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso which is around $8. This isn't all too similar to Orgasm, I included it because it is similar, but nothing exact or near exact, like Pinched or Pearlesant Pink. But, this blush does give a similar look to Orgasm, & the color is really pretty. It's a bit lighter & more peachy, it also has less golden shimmer in it. I know that sounds like a completely different shade that Orgasm, but when worn, the effects are similar. Not exact, but similar.

Lastly, is the blush side from the elf Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder duo. This shade is similar to Milani Luminoso, it's different than Orgasm, but still gives the general same effect. The bronzer side is supposed to be a dupe for the famous NARS Laguna Bronzer as well, so this is just a great deal. For only $3, not only are you getting the dupe for Orgasm, but you are also getting a dupe for NARS Laguna, which is a really popular shade as well. I think this is such a great deal, & both products are very high quality.

Here are swatches so that you can see the colors all compared to Orgasm. As I mentioned, I think Nyx Pinched is the closest match, & it's also really cheap. The elf & Milani are swatched at the end of the row because they are the 2 dupes that just aren't very similar to Orgasm. Pearlesant Pink is right in the middle, a good dupe but not as good as Nyx.

But then.....we have one last dupe! This is the best one of them all, but it's also the most expensive. Coming in at around $28, it's only about $4  cheaper than Orgasm.....but money is money, right? And if you can save anything, you might as well do so! 

The best dupe is Tarte Amazonian Clay 24 Hour Blush in Glisten, this is nearly exact to Orgasm. If you have one, you really don't need the other.

Pardon the weird picture, this blush is in my Zpalette!

 So, here are the 2 blushes swatched. You can see that these 2 colors are incredibly similar, & the only real difference is that NARS has a touch more of a golden shimmer running through it. Both are very pretty shades, & the Tarte one is a great dupe!

Also, just one last, kind of random thing to mention. If you are choosing to buy one of these blushes for someone younger like your daughter, neice, etc---I recommend going with one of the dupes. Not only because they are more inexpensive so they will save you money, but also because the NARS names tend to be kind of raunchy. {As you can tell.} So even the names of the products & the NARS section at Sephora have some raunchy words, so if you want to keep someone younger away from that type of thing, go with one of the dupes!

Have you tried NARS Orgasm?


  1. BeautyCollegeBudget9:49 PM

    I will definitely need to pick up the NYX blush! That's close enough for me. I already have quite a few NYX blushes and I have no clue why I don't already have this one!

  2. BatanEyelash9:50 PM

    I have Orgasm, Pinched, and Luminoso. Hooray for buying the same color three times. LOL. I did a photo shoot yesterday with my dance troupe and opted for Pinched.

  3. Janine9:50 PM

    I bought me the discontinued Milani Luminous mineral blush, supposed to be a good dupe...and i think the MAC Star Wonder MSF i got comes super close too!
    Loved this post, i am looking for an super orgasm dupe, but i think i will end up buying the original, since i need to have at least one NARS blush :)

  4. Emily9:50 PM

    love NARS!! those colours are amazing!! xxx

  5. Halona9:51 PM

    I love NARS orgasm :D. It has a really nice, subtle golden sheen to it

  6. Alina9:51 PM

    Orgasm blush is so gorgeous! I only own two NARS blushes-Luster and Deep Throat. I love them both and Orgasm is definitely on my wishlist! :)

  7. Amanda9:52 PM

    I am SO going to buy the Wet n Wild blush now!!

  8. Selene169:53 PM

    Think you s much for popping by and adding my button you have just inspired me to into doing something similar it's a bit late tonight but I shall be on the case tomorrow and I will be proud to add yours as one of the first!

    I adore Nars really want to start getting my hands on some more.. Actually I want more of a lot of things too faced, mac etc lol.

    Will def have to get my hands on some of these dupes though my pocket would thank me for it I'm sure.


  9. yousoldtheworld9:53 PM

    Hot Mama by theBalm is a pretty good dupe, too! :)

  10. Sarah S.9:54 PM

    Glisten for the win! Orgasm always just made me look ruddy, but Glisten made me glow :)

  11. I think the NYX Pinched is closest; I agree that the e.l.f. and Milani ones look nothing like Orgasm. Between saving $4 and getting the actual Orgasm blush, I think I'll go with NARS over Tarte. Although they do look pretty close (: Thanks for sharing the swatches! Definitely gonna go get Pinched.


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