Monday, September 17, 2012

Review: eos Alice in Wonderland Lip Balm Set

Mickey mouse head!!

Cute little display box the balms come in!

It's obviously not a surprise that I love Alice in Wonderland, & it is my absolute favorite movie! This whole blog was inspired by my love of Alice in Wonderland,  so when I heard about this lip balm set from eos that was Alice inspired, I knew I HAD to get it! Ever since I saw Nouveau Cheap's review, I knew these lip balms had to be mine. So I went to Target Saturday night & managed to grab the LAST set of these lip balms for only $7.99!! (Don't worry, don't worry. I bought this the day before I started the 100 Day Challenge! I haven't given in! Yet. It's been SO HARD!!! And it's only been TWO DAYS!!!) :(

I agree that these lip balms are over hyped, & I even posted about that a little while ago. But even though I think these lip balms are over rated, I do still like them. And since it was Alice in Wonderland inspired, I seriously HAD to get this set. If I didn't, I know that I would be seriously kicking myself since these are limited edition.

This kit comes with 3 different scented lip balms inspired by Alice: Sweet Vanilla Nonsense, Watermelon Wonderland, & Blueberry Potion. I was pretty excited to try all of these because none of them are similar to the scents in the regular EOS line. I honestly think that EOS needs to come up with more scents to put in their regular line, but anyway, I was excited to try these since they are different than the other EOS balms I've used in the past!

Sweet Vanilla Nonsense has to be my favorite. Some bloggers are saying they sense a bit of a plastic note in this balm, but I honestly don't at all. It smells like a really creamy vanilla & I love vanilla fragrances so this one was automatically a hit for me. The scent is not super strong, but also not super subtle. It's definitely not over powering, it's the perfect amount of fragrance.

Watermelon Wonderland is also a great balm. Some bloggers are saying it smells a little like Summer Fruit from the regular EOS line, & while I do agree that it has a bit of the same fruity vibe, I think they are different enough to find it okay to have both in my collection. Watermelons are my favorite fruit, so I was obviously pretty happy to have a lip balm scented like a watermelon! 

Blueberry Potion is also a great scent. It's not a straight-up blueberry scent more of of a blueberry pancake type scent. It's really fruity but also kind of smells like a baked good, like a pancake. I'm having a big issue describing this (obviously!) so I'm just going to say that it smells amazing, & it's not a total blueberry scent. I really enjoy it! :)

I also love the packaging, their is a little mickey mouse head on the side of the balm. I really love the colors that EOS decided to make these balms, they aren't like the colors from the regular line. Watermelon Wonderland looks kind of like Summer Fruit, but it's more of a pink & less of a red.

Overall, I love these lip balms! Any EOS or Alice lover will find this set an honest to goodness must have. I was really surprised with how much I liked the scents of these balms, as well as the fact that this set was only $7.99. For under 10 bucks, I think everyone that likes either lip balms or Alice in Wonderland would really enjoy these!  I consider it a collectible Alice item that just had to be mine! :)


  1. Love the Mickey Mouse head. I actually haven't tried any products from eos...I'm gonna have to add this set to my "to-buy" list. :)

    - Ashley Elizabeth
    ( )

    1. Thanks Ashley!! I love the Micky Mouse head, too =)

  2. I almost bought this set at Target, mostly because of the Alice in Wonderland theme. I actually don't like EOS balms, except for the fact that they smell so yummy. But still, these are super cute!

    1. I agree they aren't the best lip balms in the world, but I do still like them!! And the Alice in Wonderland theme got me! plus they all smell super good! <3

  3. I should totally buy those!!!! great post!
    Follow me?
    -Jenna <3

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  5. Carla Hilon12:10 PM

    Put Buddha Balm on the to buy list. Once you try a smoother, better coating and more flavorful lip balm like Buddha Balm you will toss the EOS.

    1. Um, I said in the post that I've tried smoother & more moisturizing balms. And I have.


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