Sunday, November 04, 2012

100 Day Challenge Update #7

I haven't bought anything this week! Yay! But I'm having a serious problem - I want EVERYTHING. I'm so serious, everything I see, I want. I'm now 48 days in, and it's really hard to think that I'm not even half way done. Everyone says that when they do this challenge, they have one period of time where they seriously want EVERYTHING, and that's what I'm going through now.

I want so much stuff that I'm just going to list them, not even talk about them.

  • Muji 5 Drawer Acrylic Storage Unit
  • LORAC Pro Palette
  • MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural 'Soft and Gentle'
  • Urban Decay Vice Palette
  • iPod Touch 16GB 4th Generation
  • Benefit Watts up
  • MAC Tuquatic 20mL


  1. I've seen swatches of the LORAC Pro Palette and it's gorgeous!

    1. I know! It looks so amazing.

  2. I soooo want to get a set of muji drawers, but shipping is a bit pricey.

    1. I know! :( Hopefully I'll still be able to get them, though. They just look so perfect!


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