Tuesday, November 06, 2012

100 things that make me happy

My mom, my brother, my cousin Katelyn, my cousin Chris, my aunt, my health, my dog Tasha, my dog Luke, remembering Buddy, hoping Cosmo is okay in heaven, thinking about life, stars, my cat Baby, getting an iPod touch for Christmas ;), being done with the 100 day challenge, my cat Tuesday, my fish Pepper, my fish Stardust, my fish Squirt, & of course my fish Bubbles Nom-Nom. My little frog named LuLu, my cozy home, Ohio, thinking about moving, all of the health of the people I love, wishing on stars, George Lopez, TV, reading, thick lotions, my blog, Twitter, my best friend Summer, my other best friend Jenny, thinking about KB in heaven, dying my hair, thinking about moving, the future, the past, my childhood. Thinking about the rough times, remembering the good times, thinking about how much has changed. Movie theaters, buttery popcorn, chicken of any kind, warm blankets, making blog posts,  hoping Christmas comes soon, remembering summertime, hoping Winter will be fun. Thinking about having a white Christmas, thinking what it would be like to live in a city, going into the city, being at the zoo, my families health, my awesome friends, the people that have stuck by me, cozy nights under the blankets, hot chocolate, cool lemonade, Tumblr, thinking about my kitties. Of course school, graduating, finishing what I've started, watching Dance Moms, the first day Apprentice comes back on, having no clue what something is but figuring it out, watching George Lopez on my tiny Hello Kitty tv, swatching lipsticks, painting my nails, the last hour before going to bed, the feeling of resting your head on the pillow, my Panda Bear pillow pet. Not knowing the future, being hopeful, loving life, living the best way I can, the feeling of getting 14 out of 41 because my dyslexia LOL, Google, hating on Bing, making up words, saying 'So Tropicana', wishing I could rap, listening to inspiring stories, drawing, writing, my other blog - Words of my Own, painting, acting like I can dance, singing, music, writing songs, the number seven, hearing the words I Love You, never giving up, believing in myself, feeling confident, all of our great things we don't appreciate but still love, & finishing this list ;-)

And here's another one just for fun - All. of. YOU ;)

What makes you happy?


  1. Love this post :) It put a smile on my face ^ - ^ 'thinking about my kitties' = same for me :P x

  2. Aww this was lovely! Sometimes sitting down and writing a happy list is the best thing in the world! <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

    1. Thanks Jennie! I agree!

  3. Aw this is cute, loved reading it. Remembering Summer makes me happy to, summer makes me happy- and my dog, Fred :)
    Daniella x



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