Friday, November 09, 2012

Friday Letters


Dear Tyler:// Thank you for being the best brother I could imagine. We've had so many good times together. You're overprotective & I love it.

Dear Obama:// No matter what anyone says, I think you're awesome. And thank god you won - if Mitt Romney became president I swear on everything I love that I would move to Canada.

Dear Mom:// I'm sorry I've been so full of attitude, you're awesome & I love the way you still try to get me to talk to you about my feelings even though I'm not a kid anymore.

Dear Ohio:// Thanks for giving me snow in October - it made my day. But seriously - one day, I'm going to leave you for someplace that doesn't have snow, 80 degree weather, Hurricane Sandy winds, & hail the size of golf balls in one week.

Dear Winter:// Please come quick!

Dear Christmas:// I'd really like if you'd hurry up & get here because I love, love, LOVE you! Oh, & is it too much to ask for to have a white Christmas?

Dear iPod Touch God:// Think I could finally get one this year? Thanks.

Dear Readers:// Thanks for embracing this big change in my blog. I can't tell you how worried I was to tell you that this blog wasn't going to be 100% beauty, but you all have been more than accepting - you've been AWESOME.

Dear Me:// Stop letting people effect you so god damn much. You need to let it go & move on with your life. Anything is possible & you need to start believing it.



  1. Great post, I love the idea and you could totally crash with me if you came to Canada! We're pretty pleased that Obama won too, since so much of our political landscape is effected by what the US is doing.

    1. Yes! If Romney would have won, I'd be knocking on your door! :D

  2. This is a great post!


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