Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sharing the Love

Hey guys! Today I am going to be doing a Share the Love post, where I show you my absolute favorite bloggers. Hopefully you love these girls too, & if you don't - go subscribe to them because they are all amazing!

(In no particular order, of course.)

Hannah of Hannah's Bow - Hannah amazes me in what she blogs about, she's so creative & she always has the best beauty & lifestyle posts. Her blog has grown enormously just since I started reading it a few months ago, & I really love seeing her become more successful. She puts a lot of time into her blog (it's obvious) & her hard work really pays off. I always love to read her posts.

Nykki of Nykki Talks Beauty - Nykki & I have been blogging friends for over a year, so of course I'm going to throw her in here! She's an amazing blogger with a  huge passion for blogging, & that really shines through! She just got married over the weekend, so everyone should go over to her blog & congratulate her....& while you're there, why not subscribe? :)

Sarah of Beauty Vigilante - Sarah has a baby on the way, so she isn't blogging as normally as she used to, but when she does make a post, it's always one of the firsts I read from my Google Reader. Her personality is fun & her writing style is unique. Plus, she's sent me a TON of makeup when she fully vegan-ized her collection, so I always thank her for her generosity.

Kayeligh of Couture Girl - She's probably one of everyones favorites, & she is certainly one of mine! Kayeligh blogs often about things that I always want to hear about, her excellent outfits, makeup reviews, & lifestyle posts - & she is just plain GORGEOUS, too! Her blog is always at the top of my list to read because she never disappoints.

Nancy of The Dark Side of Beauty - Nancy's blog has something to offer for everyone. She does amazing makeup looks that I always find myself trying to (unsuccessfully) re-create, she does great swatches, awesome product reviews, & cute nail art. She's a big love of mine because her blog is simply....addicting!

Jennie of Sailboat - Jennie's blog is a new favorite of mine that I just found about  a month ago. I always love reading Jennie's posts because they are just so full of character. She blogs about her adorable bunny Ralphie, makeup, photography, & she's also just plain gorgeous! Her pictures are also so gorgeous & fun to look at.

Jessica of The Mod Mermaid - I absolutely love Jessica's blog & I just don't understand why she has under 200 followers. EVERYONE & THEIR SISTER (I would say brother but not many men read beauty blogs....) needs to go follow her right now. Her reviews are the things that make me go & spend money on things. Plus, she's currently suffering from Sandy, so you all need to support her :)

Vee of Vee's Randomness - Vee is one of those people that I just click with. Her sense of humor, her makeup abilities, her blog design, her hair color, everything...it just makes me want to be friends with her. I've known Vee for months, & she's an awesome blogger in need of more followers, so please - go check her out!

That's all for today, but I'm going to try to more of these posts considering the fact that I have about 60 other blogs that I really love. Please don't be hurt if I didn't feature you, I'm going to make more of these posts! :)


  1. Awesome list! I know a couple of these, but a few are new to me (yay!) I love finding new blogs :D

    1. Just a heads up, you're in my next Share the Love post :)

  2. Replies
    1. I bet you'll love them!! :D

  3. Thank you for including me!!! :)

    You know I love your blog too!!!

    Imagine where we will be in another year! Crazy how fast time flies!

    xo, Nykki

    1. Aw you're welcome!! :)

  4. Thanks for the mention <333333
    And thanks for some recommendations. I have followed Sarah and Vee for a long time and I absolutely love their blogs~! I will definitely check out the other bloggers you mentioned :D

    1. Aw no problem Nancy :) I've followed Sarah & Vee for a while too! Vee for about a year, Sarah about 6 months :D


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