Saturday, December 15, 2012

First Impressions: Elcinia Crema de Caracol Snail Cream

First hearing about 'Snail Cream' I was grossed out to the max and thought never in a million years would I try this. But here I am reviewing one, so go figure. Anyway, Sarah recently gifted to me this Elicina Crema de Caracol or Snail Cream. I was a little afraid to try it and thought it would be slimy and gross. But then I did some research and actually found out exactly where this type of product originated from and why it's getting so much attention in the beauty blogger world.

Elicina has been around since 1995 and their snail cream is known all over the world, and just recently came available to people in the USA. Snail cream was originally made when farmers in Chile found that cuts/scars on their hands were healed faster when they handled snails to import to France.  Elicina does not do any animal testing and it doesn't hurt the snails to make the snail cream. I had a weird phobia of opening up the jar only to find like, a dead snail in there but I swear that doesn't happen.  Snail creams are made with the goo snails leave behind, not by crushing the snails, like I used to think. (:

After using this cream for about a week, twice a day, I can safely say that it's not gross or slimy like I thought it would be. The cream is thick and bouncy and it's not slimy in the slightest. It moisturizes skin fast and efficiently, and helps me to make the dry areas of my combination skin feel a little more moisturized. It works better than my Clean & Clear Morning Glow Moisturizer that I was using by a long shot. It moisturizes more and helps keep my skin in better condition. I also really like this because it doesn't make the oily spots of my face oilier at all, it moisturizes my whole face, but doesn't add a greasy, oily, or slimy feeling to the skin.

I really like this product, and I didn't think I would, so it definitely surprised me. It left my face feeling soft, smooth, and moisturized but not oily. After I use it long-term, I'll update you all on if I see any spot/acne scar fading, like the website and other bloggers claim. So far though, I have nothing but praise for this product.

It hasn't irritated my immensely sensitive skin and hasn't caused any rashes or dry patches, like I get sometimes when I try a new skincare product. I would highly recommend this Elcina cream!

It's sold on Amazon,, and eBay for around $25.


  1. It sounds great but I'm still not passed that whole snail thing :(

    1. Yeah I can understand. But I promise you it's not really gross at all. It's not made by hurting the snails, and I swear their are no snails in the jar (:

  2. This seems like a nice snail cream. As you know I have tried a snail cream too, from Elisha Coy and the idea of it really grossed me out too!! I was expecting the same things as you so its nice that I was not alone in thinking it would be vile! LOL

    The one you have seems to be better than the Elisha Coy one as, although it was nice it was not moisturising enough. I want to try another snail cream and I mihght see if I can buy this one in the UK. The price of this one is about half of the Elish Coy too which is great!

    I would love it if it clears up my acne and blemises so i would love to see how you get on with this long term

    Thanks for a great post!
    Grace x

    1. Thanks Grace! I agree, snail cream sounded totally gross to me at first, mostly because I had bad visions in my head of finding dead snails in the cream, and because I had a pet snail in my fish tank when I was little, haha :)

      I really like this cream, and I'm hoping it will have some long-term effects on my acne scars and current blemishes, I'll write up a post in about 2 months, stating if any changes in my skin have happened!


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