Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Gift From Sarah of Beauty Vigilante

Hey guys! So I wanted to take the time to get this post up today, even though I've been a very bad blogger lately. Sarah from Beauty Vigilante recently sent me another huge box full of makeup she thought I would enjoy! And since I've been on the 100 Day Challenge for so long, it's refreshing to get some new items that I haven't ever used before! A big thank you to Sarah, who has sent me so, so much over the past few months, and I will always be so grateful of her for that. Also, in case you need a reminder, I highly, highly recommend you check out her blog and follow. <3

(Just a note, their are a few items I've already put away and was too lazy to dig back out. That includes a few hair items, a cleanser, some elf brushes, Alice in Wonderland paper,  a Wet n Wild eyeshadow palette and shadow single, and a Wet n Wild bronzer!)

elf Mineral Cleanser 
Urban Decay All-Nighter Setting Spray 
Pixi Beauty Peach Blush 
Essie, OPI, and Circus nail polish 
Mally Powder gel (forget the real name of this xD) 
Coastal Scents Mini Shadow palette 
Stila Foundation 
The Balm Liquid Eyeliner 
MyGlam Glam Lip Gloss 

Cute beauty postcard 
Too Faced Bronzed Body Oil 
Kitty hand cream 
Demeter Clean Skin perfume 
Wet n Wild Fantasy Maker Glitter nail polish 
Sprout lip balm 
Starlet Cosmetics eyeliner 
Cupcake keychains 
Snail cream moisturizer 
Cupcake ear buds 
Tokidoki hair pins and mirrors 

Stila Tinted Moisturizer 
Philosophy Take A Breath 
Asian face mist 
Fyrinnae Cheek Highlighters 
Cupcake beauty tool set 
Face sponge 
St. Tropez Glow Lotion 
Sleek Blush (forget the color!) 
Elf Mineral Booster & Foundation 
Stila Illuminator 
Various beauty samples 

Zpalette full of Urban Decay eyeshadows and elf blushes 
Fyrinnae Gel Primer 
The Balm Meet Matte eyeshadow 
Urban Decay single eyeshadow 
MAC Eyeliner sharpener 
Elf Cream eyeliners 
Physicians Formula eyeliners 
Chella Brow Gel 

Elf eyeshadow palettes 
Lime Crime & Wet n Wild lipsticks 
Wet n Wild palettes 
Bag with perfume samples 

Sugarpill Loose Eyeshadows 
Pacifica lip balms 
elf Shimmer Glosses 
OCC Lip Tars 
Victorian Disco lip glosses 
Various lip glosses & skincare products 
Jane Sparkle Gloss 
Nuxe Dry Oil 
Lime Crime Carousel Glosses

WOW! I am so, so happy to get a lot of these things - so many of them have been on my wish list for the longest time! Like the Lime Crime lipsticks, Sugarpill shadows, OCC Lip Tars, and the S. Tropez. Thank you so much Sarah! And for everyone else, see anything you want a review on? Let me know!! xo


  1. omg she has been so generous yet again!
    They all look great

    1. I know! She's awesome :D

  2. This looks like a beauty lovers dream. You're so lucky!

  3. WOW! Lot of makeup stuff. All of them are so nice. I love it.

    1. I know, right?! I'm so grateful (:

  4. Lovely haul! She's so generous!!! ♥
    Im excited for reviews!


    1. She really, really is!

  5. Great gifts. The cupcakes made me smile :)

  6. Awww you've definitely been spoiled, once again! Sarah is so sweet! That kitty hand cream is way too cute and I'm curious about the Stila foundation!

    1. Aw I know! Sarah's awesome (: And I'll be sure to get a review of the Stila foundation up! So far, I LOVE it! And that kitty hand cream smells JUST like Victoria Secret Love Spell :)

  7. I have Love Spell, too! LOL :) That Stila foundation didn't have enough coverage for me. Glad you're having fun with this stuff. My collection is soooo streamlined now XD

    1. I love Love Spell! It smells just like the kitty hand cream to me :) Thank you again!!!


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